5 second rule- Mel Robbins

Recently I have added something in my everyday to-do list. This is watching at least one motivational video. Previously my stance on motivational videos was that ultimately they all have the same message and it doesn’t really apply to my life. Now I have realized that the message is not for a particular type of people, it applies to everyone given that you’re open to receiving it.

Along with watching these videos I will occasionally share any positive hard hitting messages that I come across and will also be sharing the link at the end of each post so you can watch the video yourself. The key is that you have to stick to it; what these videos really do is that they change your mindset overtime.

The 5 second rule is primarily helpful for those who are habitual of hitting the snooze button in the morning and struggle waking up on the sound of the first alarm. Mel describes that the first time she tried it, she thought of herself as a NASA rocket launching into space.

The second her eyes opened, she counted in her mind “5,4,3,2,1” and launched herself out of bed at 1 heading into shower. Mel explains that each time you have an action in mind, there is a 5 second window before your mind talks you out of it.

What you’re really doing is tricking your mind and beating it so it does not talk you out of something that you want to do. Keeping this in mind it can be applied to all aspects in life with the things that you are struggling with. Check the video out for yourself in the link below and do leave your thoughts on this rule in comments 🙂

5 second rule – Mel Robbins


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