Be kind to your mind

All of us humans have similar problems and life throws problems at everyone. The way we respond actually defines the kind of life we will live.

Our mind is a very complicated yet amazing part of our body. It responds to what we tell it overtime. If you are someone who constantly beats your own self and tell yourself that you sre worthless then your mind will end up believing that the same is true.

This is why it is so important to be friends with your mind and most importantly be kind to it. Here is a trick I learned which works wonders for me. Whenever I have a negative thought about myself, I add ‘yet’ at the end of it. Here is how it works:

“I don’t have money, yet”

“I am not motivated to do anything, yet”

“I do not know what my interests are, yet”

“I do not know the purpose of my life is, yet”

See? By adding a simple word I make it a point to tell myself that I’m on a journey and there are things that I have not figured out, yet πŸ˜‹

This gives me the hope that I will eventually figure them out and allow me to not stress over it.


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