4 steps to trick your mind and win

1- Be mindful of your thoughts:

Don’t let your thoughts run unmonitored. Think about what you think, be aware. In fact try this out, whenever you have a negative thought, stomp on the ground! While you stomp, imagine you are stomping the negative thought.

2- Replace EVERY negative thought with a positive one:

For example- “I am worthless”

Replace this with “I am not as bad as I think about myself. I have a great personality, have had a great education, have a supportive family and many blessings that I discard. Maybe I am lost at the moment but I will figure it all out in due time.

3- Add to your existing bucket of knowledge:

This can be done by reading a book, watching motivational videos or even following someone who was stuck in a similar situation but eventually got out of it.

4- Take action:

Even if it is the smallest of actions. This includes making your bed in the morning, having a glass of water when you wake up, taking a shower regularly, going out for a walk/jog, working out, going out for coffee. Does not matter if it’s a small action but what’s important is you need to be consistent. You need to do it EVERYDAY.


13 thoughts on “4 steps to trick your mind and win

  1. I think to take action is the most important, other wise nothing will happing, thank you for your great share, i have been in dark place, but there is always the way out❤️

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