My world of extreme highs and extreme lows

In my world there is no in between. One day I’ll be feeling on top of the world having everything figured out. The next day I’ll be feeling like the most miserable person on this planet with no reason for existence.

It is tough to juggle between the two. At times I succeed at times I fail. In times I fail I remind myself of the times I’ve succeeded and vice versa. There is no correct formula to go about it. However a constant supervision of thoughts helps me maintain some moderation.

Let that be a Thursday thought ⭐


12 thoughts on “My world of extreme highs and extreme lows

  1. It’s great that you manage to tackle your extremities.✨ According to me, one should have a steady mind to handle such situations. I’m curious to know “How do you do that??” 🤔When I’m low it takes hell lot of time to bounce back.😑 Your piece of advice could really hell me.✨😊

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    1. Here is what I do when I’m low:

      I remind myself of the times I have been better. I re-iterate my achievements in my mind which gives me an assurance that not all is bad. You try it too 😊

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  2. I can relate to this post so much! It is good to know i’m not alone and it’s so refreshing to hear your optimistic perspective, not just in this post but in a lot of them!

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