Isolation isn’t all bad

“If you’re depressed please don’t isolate”

The statement above never made sense to me. Someone who is depressed would naturally isolate. In my opinion it’s not the isolation which is detrimental, but what you do in isolation.

If you’re someone who stays in bed, stares the ceiling and overthinks for hours then please do not do that. However this is what I do, I spent my time watching videos on Youtube, videos of those who have experienced what I am experiencing and how they overcame it.

I read books in isolation.

I self reflect in isolation.

I plan in isolation.

I pray in isolation.

I recover in isolation.

See I understand that at times it feels like reading, praying, planning is not working at all but honestly answer me this staring the ceiling does not help either.

To anyone who is currently stuck, know that this too shall pass.

Keep going ❤️


11 thoughts on “Isolation isn’t all bad

  1. I stayed in bed for hours staring at the ceiling and laying in bed doing nothing because my anxiety was getting to me. I knew it was bad because it made my thoughts worse. But I couldn’t get myself to do anything else. I eventually got myself to keep busy with videos and games and finally got to talk to someone to help

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