What is meant for you

Such a powerful quote!

Always soothes me whenever I find myself questioning why I could not get X, why I could not achieve Y, why did it happen that way?

It is all part of a grand scheme. We may not realize it but it will make sense one day looking backward. Until then park your questions and keep embracing what comes your way 😊


14 thoughts on “What is meant for you

  1. I read it and yes, it is very powerful. I understood it is a metaphor to exemplify how we all perceive according to our path, purpose, background or mission. I can tell you from the prose, that without meaning to be contrarian, I see it telling me I don’t have to explain myself. It is very good. Cheers!

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  2. I used to give up on everything I tried because I felt like I wasn’t good enough and would never reach my goal. Now I feel like things happen for a reason and I will reach my goal eventually.
    It took a while but I eventually found the drive to return to school to study journalism. That is one goal of mine I have reached.


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