Toxic positivity

“Excess of anything is bad”- Unknown

I firmly believe and stand by this quote. At times we need to accept our failures, we need to admit that after doing everything that we could, things did not work out like we planned. And that is completely okay. As long as you do not let it take a toll on you.

By toxic positivity I mean being so positive that you do not acknowledge where you went wrong. Being so hopeful that when something does not work out ultimately it leaves you damaged.

The point of being positive is NOT that you never feel negative emotions or failure or defeat. It is infact accepting these and coming up with a game plan on how to overcome it.

How can I do better the next time?

What can I do differently?

How did people who succeeded did so?

What skills do I need to learn?

How much more time do I need to invest?

These are the correct set of questions that you must ask yourself in face of adversity. How can you overcome a setback when you don’t consider it as one in the first place?


13 thoughts on “Toxic positivity

  1. Yes! Great post! I see so many today that just give up when they don’t get something exactly right the first time, it’s saddening. Where would we be if all of our ancestors did that? Still just (hand) tooling around getting nothing substantial accomplished.

    I prefer to live like Dory, from Finding Nemo – “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” It became my life’s philosophy after that movie, and has served me well ever since.

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    1. Notice yourself if you are constantly not meeting goals, constantly not meeting targets, constantly not meeting deadlines yet you keep telling yourself that all is good. Learn to say everything is NOT how it is supposed to be BUT you will figure out by doing something DIFFERENTLY. That’s how 😊

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  2. This is so true. Too much of everything can be bad. But sometimes we remain positive in the hopes of helping others. So maybe being too positive isn’t a bad thing. Someone out there may need it.

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