Self Therapy Session 10

Typing a speedy update from the gym. That’s how busy I am imagine. A guy who had nothing to do 24 hours does not have 10 minutes to make a blog post.

Which is why this sessions is going to be about hope. Hope which keeps all of us going.

My mental health improves every week by the grace of God. The amount of uninterrupted sleep I am getting now is amazing. Due to which I am able to get on with my day. The first thing I do is that I hit the gym. I cannot stress enough on the importance of going to the gym or for a run. It literally makes your day!

Things at work are going well. However I’ve been doing 2 hour overtime which makes it a 11 hour work day. Obviously it gets tiring but you got to do what you got to do. Can’t really complain #blessedlife

I really wish to give more time to my blog and I will definitely work on it. Talking about my travel goal, I am one month closer to it 😁

So 5 more months of sheer hardwork to go before I can make my dream trip. Here is hoping I make it through with the person I want to 😊

Please leave updates of your week in comments. See you next week on another session 🀞🏻


7 thoughts on “Self Therapy Session 10

  1. Sounds like everything is going better, i’m very happy for you, i would leave my week update here, but as you know what i’m up to each day , i have nothing to add😁

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