Self Therapy Session 11

Hello and welcome to another session of Self Therapy!

The past week has been quite happening. The best thing about it was that I have finally adjusted into a routine. I follow this routine rigidly even on the weekend. Having a routine is vital specially if you are soneone who struggles with mental health. Here is how my day looks like:

I wake up, have a powerful breakfast and hit the gym straight. Days that start with a good workout are happy days. Then I get home, get ready and go for work. Things at work are shaping up as well. I am getting a grip of it and my manager says I am doing a good job. So far so good.

Mental health wise eveything is all set

Overthinking ❌

Time waste ❌


Positivity ✅

Hard work ✅

Routine ✅

I am almost 2 months into the plan that I have for myself. It completes at 6 months. It gets me really excited when I think about my dream coming true. I am working day and night to make it happen. I am not alone in this journey. There is someone who is very supportive and keeps me grounded. We work hand in hand to make things happen for the both of us.

One last thing I’d love to mention before I sign out is journaling. Journaling helps me keeping track of myself and the progress I make. It is so simple to do, you just need 10 minutes at the end of the day to recall your day and write and down. I prefer doing this with pen and paper. I mention both the good and bad things about my day and brainstorm on areas of improvement.

I’ll end this session here, see you next week on another session. If you do anything specific to keep yourself going, please do mention in comments 😊


10 thoughts on “Self Therapy Session 11

  1. I totally agree with needing a routine- keeps me grounded. I’m quite big on to do lists to motivate myself and make sure I’m not getting lost and at the end of the day I verbally journal with my partner (for some reason I find it hard to commit to writing each night but the verbal version works great)

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  2. Good to know, that you got your routine balanced, good news about your job and your physical activity🤗, i use to write something similar like diary before, but not anymore, great post, i like you selection of❌And of course for positive side as well, seems you just got a step higher, yes there many of those steps and they never ends, hopefully other wise it would be no point💙

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  3. I’m glad you’ve got your routine in gear. I’m struggling with this issue at the present, and I’ve contemplated making to-do lists, along with daily schedules to block out periods of time for activities which need to be accomplished. It’s good to hear that you have overcome sleeplessness, time wasting, and overthinking. You are setting a good example for all of us.

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