Self Therapy Session 14

Hello everyone and welcome to another session of Self Therapy. The past week has been tiring, exhausting and yet, satisfying.

Here is a quick link to Session 13:

Starting with the most important, mental health. It has been a roller coaster of emotions. For the first time in months I had a glimpse of a thought to quit my job. I quickly shrugged it off thinking that this will further delay my dream and I cannot afford it. So I will keep hanging if I must.

One thing I have started doing that always works out for me. I keep telling myself this job is just a phase, it is not my life. I keep repeating it over and over and over again till I relax and calm down. I say, remember how things were an year back? 2 years back? 5 years back? Are they the same now? And the answer is they have changed every single time. Mostly for the better, so why would it be different this time around? I am well equipped now to deal with my demons.

Next is physical health which is blossoming (touchwood). People have started noticing changes and each complement further motivates me to work even harder at the gym. I am going almost everyday. It is my happy place. I love working out.

Talking about my job, it is going through a rough patch. I was told I will be moving to a different department which was supposedly a step up but that has not happened in two weeks and it has got me thinking if it will happen. Furthermore they have put me in a timing that I am not comfortable with and that too without my consent. I am not liking it one bit but just carrying on.

Lastly, my dream. What I live for. Why I bare the pain. Why I keep going. I am 2.5 months in now. It makes me so happy. That I am moving closer towards it. Whenever I set my mind onto something in life I have made it happen. If not the first time then the second and if not second then the third attempt.

That was about it. On weekends I focus on meeting friends. Eating out. Watching a movie or a show. Basically keeping busy and prepping up for the coming week. Which I know is going to be tough so I prepare to be tougher.

That is about it. You tell me how has your week been. And what was the highlight in comments 😊


15 thoughts on “Self Therapy Session 14

  1. I had a similar issue with my job. I was promised I would be moving to the morning shift permanently. But then someone who used to work there left for like 10 years and came back. They said she gets priority over me even though I have been there 2 years and she quit for years before reapply to come back. That makes no sense.

    Hopefully you get the position soon. My week has been going well. My puppy is better after having bad allergies.

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      1. I haven’t and it’s been almost a year since I was told I would be. I still want the mornings because it would work so much better with what I want to do after work. I only was in the mornings while someone was on leave. Next week I lose my morning hours because they come back to work

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  2. Such a wonderful post! Reading through it really helped me feel better about my situation. For the past two months, I have been beating myself up for being a recent grad with no job – even though I did everything right (worked through University, did internships, etc). Your post clarified that this point in my life is just a phase – and not my life. Thank you so much for that πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. You’re most welcome 😊
      Yes please. Change is the only constant. You can do everything right but remember you plan and God plans. And God’s plan is always for the better so be patient and keep going πŸ€—

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