Self Therapy- Session 18

The famous Self Therapy session is back. I don’t think I’m the same person I was back when I wrote session 1. If you can scroll down enough and read only then you’ll know :p

But honestly I have and I am working really really hard to make a dent in this world. Just surviving won’t be enough now. A major contributor to this is membership into the 5 am club. Most of the days I sleep by 11 pm max and wake up by 6 am max. The morning time is indeed free of distractions and that’s where I can get an edge over others.

Physically I’d say I’m in the best shape (just a bit tummy shows..) otherwise all is in shape. This is the consequence of gym and jog on alternate days.

Mentally I’m in a place where I now believe that I am to do something that is bigger than myself. Help others by sharing my knowledge and experiences.

Spiritually I found this belief that everything happens for a reason and indeed and God’s planning is perfect in a way that puts you exactly where you need to be at this point in time.

I can say I am more than proud of myself. For a fact I know not everyone could have made such a comeback and for this I’m really thankful to my friends and family who made this possible. I wish my readers a blessed day, I’ll be back soon with another session! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Self Therapy- Session 18

  1. I went back and read all of your Self Therapy Sessions. Great job hanging on! Successful people are successful because they will do what the unsuccessful people won’t do. Kudos to you!

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