Self Therapy- Session 19

Ever since I started the ritual of Self Therapy posts, I cannot recall even one post that talked about things going downhill.

That is the power of positivity and perseverance. It is hugely underrated. Let me start off with my mental health. I’d say I have recovered 85% of my sleep. Which means most days I’m having sound sleep.

Physically I have been ignoring jogging and working out and it’s taking a toll on me. I need to get back to this.

Other than this I make it a point to journal regulary. It keeps everything in check. By the way I have to share some news here. So a very reputable company approached me recently, offering me a 30% switch in pay if I am to switch. This was such a significant moment because at one point in time I thought I would never be able to work again and now to be considered by someone while being employed is truly a blessing.

The message is simple. No two days are the same. So when the going gets tough, be patient and when time is in your favor, be humble. Ciao!


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