A conversation in time pt 2

Me then: I swear to God I will never get a job again. I quit. Going to spend the rest of my life staying on bed.

Me now: It’s okay if you quit. Maybe it got to a point where you couldn’t take it anymore. It’s really not the end of the world.

Me then: It is actually the end of the world. The end of my world. I am done.

Me now: You have a lot more to give. A lot more to do. No world ever ends like this in an instant.

Me then: And how exactly will I give and do while staying in bed?

Me now: You will be spending a lot of time in bed for a short period of time and that’s okay. But then you are going to get up and continue fighting the good fight.

Me then: There isn’t any fight left in me.

Me now: Well that’s your short sightedness.

Me then: I won’t have a job ever so how exactly am I surviving on the long run?

Me now: But you just went out for an interview and guess what? You got the job!

Me then: Stop kidding. As if that’s ever going to happen.

Me now: Not only this, a lot more is going to happen. Just wait and watch.



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