I own a website now! https://reasonstolivefor.com/

Just want to take this moment to acknowledge that in my 6+ months of blogging journey, I really appreciate the love and support of my readers. You guys got me going, which is why I want to share an AMAZING news with y’all.

I own a website and all my future posts will be published there only: https://reasonstolivefor.com/

YES. You read that right. I own a website now!

I am so excited to take this to the next level and I want you all to be there with me ❀️

Thank you for being amazing πŸ™‚

own a website

28 thoughts on “I own a website now! https://reasonstolivefor.com/

  1. There should be a way to automatically transfer your subscribers over to the new site. I think there’s a plug-in for that. Idk for sure since I use a free WordPress domain.

    Congratulations on switching to a paid platform. Just in time for the new year too! πŸ˜€

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    1. I know right 😦 there is a way to transfer posts but not subscribers 😦

      Anyway I believe those who genuinely want to follow me on my journey ahead will do it regardless.

      Thank you so much, Hilary. You have always been too kind with your words πŸ’™

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  2. I went to your web site link but didn’t see a follow button. Should I assume since I follow here, I’m following there? It doesn’t look like it from the comments. Help! I don’t want to lose you!

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