A conversation in time

Another practice that is remedial during tough times is to have a conversation with yourself. The purpose of this practice is to remind yourself of all the good things that have happened ever since you last gave up as a reminder to keep going. For instance it has been over an year since I had my last depressive episode so this is how my conservation looks like:

Me then: It is over, I am done, I will not try anymore, Nothing works for me.
Me now: Easy there, if something is not working at this point in time, it does not mean nothing will ever work.

Me then: How is anything going to work out if I don’t leave my room and don’t do anything at all?
Me now: Like I said, this is how you feel at the moment; what if I tell you that not only will you leave your room, you will be on stage in a packed auditorium giving a motivational speech.

Me then:  Are you kidding me? I cannot imagine being in the audience let alone giving a speech on stage.
Me now: You will and it is going to be amazing and it will end up inspiring others. Not only this, you will make a support group as well which will help others to open up.

Me then: I have lost all my friends; I have literally nothing to look forward to.
Me now: Well you will meet some amazing people and befriend some of them; they still keep a check on you.

Me then: Give me some sort of proof.
Me now: I cannot. Just keep going and stop imagining the worse out of everything. Good things will happen. Trust me. I will end this conversation on this amazing quote by one of your new friends- “Nothing lasts forever it will pass in a BLINK, you can change the world but only if you THINK”

Please share your feedback on this post in comments. Also, do share some positive self talk which you practice 🙂 


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